cops vs robbers

Experience next level free roaming Virtual Reality!

Comparable to real life lasertag

Group of people playing virtual reality cops vs robbers


Play Cops vs Robbers together with up to ten  players in a shared space!
The virtual avatars represent the actual position of their ‘real life’ players

Arena overview of Cops vs Robbers

fun to play & fun to watch

Root for your favorite team or join the action. Even if you offer a playspace for 4 players, you can easily entertain 10 people, whilst they’re having a drink and rooting for their friends!
Man and his virtual character playing Cops VS Robbers


Players have complete freedom of movement, as if you’re playing a normal, real life game.. only in another reality!

Launch and go!

1: Set your game length, room size & number of players

2: Hit start & enjoy the action, no tutorials required

3: Don't miss a moment of action: virtual livestreams & multiple spectator views to watch, root & cheer

4: Encourage replay, competitions & events; realtime leaderboards track players & scores

5: Switch groups, change names & restart!

We developed this game from scratch!

Made without using in-store asset packs, giving us more freedom in delivering a themed game with unique visuals and aesthetics. Before release, levels and gamemodes are thoroughly tested with profesional playtyesters and potential customers.


We focus on unique gameplay elements

spice up your offer with add-ons


custom guns & headset wraps

Add realism with easily mountable VR guns!

custom maps

Small 25m2 fillers to large play areas (200m2) Implement a level perfectly tailored to your location; send us your blueprint and we will make it fit!


in-game branding

Personalized in-game banners with your branding

screenshots & trailer


" Cops vs Robbers Free Roam game is a refreshing addition to wireless VR-based arenas. Exceptional character art, thought to detail, and enjoyable game-play. You play as either a cop or robber in an exhilarating shoot-out inside a bank vault! Setup is a breeze, the art is beautiful and the game-play is electrifying. Cops vs Robbers is a top performer in our arcade system. "
VRKADE canada
Jason van Hierden



hardware investment under 5k

You don’t need a lot! You can set up our system within an hour. You only need 1 PC or laptop to manage the game and run the local server and 2-10 of our supported headset.

Oculus Quest 2

supported headset

Oculus Quest (1 & 2)

Pico Neo

supported headset

Pico Neo


server / operator

One Windows PC or laptop

commercial software licensing

software license

Monthly license
550 Monthly
  • Incl. customer support
  • Incl. our premade maps:
    6x6M, 6x8M, 8x8M, 10x10M

software license

Yearly license
5000 Yearly
  • Incl. customer support
  • Incl. our premade maps:
    6x6M, 6x8M, 8x8M, 10x10M


Custom package
140 per virtual m2
  • In-game branding
  • Headset decals
  • VR gun

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For other inquiries, send an email to [email protected] or reach us directly via our Discord channel.

the team behind
cops vs robbers

The team consists of 6 Dutch VR professionals. It’s commercial manager is also the CEO of, with 5 years of experience with multiple self-managed VR Arcades. Our in-house developers worked on multiple titles such as Arizona Sunshine & Skyworld and have traveled across the world installing LBVR solutions. Based on the experience gained from receiving over 300.000 of customers and constant feedback from personnel, we created a game that’s favorable for both the customer ánd the operators.

We plan to keep pushing out updates, with e.g. new game modes, levels and more integrated support for score tracking.​

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